Japanese Massage Therapy

Andover Massage offers therapeutic Japanese massage therapy to people suffering from aches, back pain, joint pain, poor sleep or other types of physical ailments. It is also very good for people suffering with stress and anxiety, or just for general relaxation.

I have had an interest in traditional oriental medicine for many years, and first studied Japanese massage in Tokyo.  After that I studied shiatsu massage therapy in London. I have been working as a therapist in the Andover, Newbury, Devizes and Winchester area since 2013.

Example of Futon for Japanese Massage TherapyJapanese massage uses acupressure.  Like acupuncture, this uses  principles of Chinese medicine to help the body heal. Acupressure and acupuncture focus on pressure points in the body. These are known as “tsubo” in Japanese. By working on the pressure points, it is believed to balance and stimulate the body’s energy. In addition to joint manipulation, much of what Japanese massage does involves the pressing of pressure points on your body. These equate to the pressure points where needles in acupuncture are placed. However in Japan, these traditional oriental approaches have been combined with western chiropractic theory and practices of physiotherapy to produce a truly unique and effective therapy.

Japanese massage is done fully clothed and without oils.  Patients are asked to wear loose fitting comfortable clothing – natural materials like cotton are recommended. (Please note that unlike acupuncture I do not use needles, but use my thumbs and fingers to apply pressure to the energy channels known as “meridians” on the body).

What can I expect with Japanese Massage?

Your first treatment involves an initial diagnosis of any ailments you may be suffering from. The aim of Japanese massage is to work on areas of the body where according to oriental medical theory “energy” is blocked, and to treat any underlying problems. I do this by combining acupressure, joint manipulation and pure massage. The aim is to realign your body, remove pain and leave you feeling relaxed and well-balanced. This is both relaxing and energising, and promotes good sleep if undertaken regularly.

I am based in central Andover (see Contact Me).  I also offer a home visit service for women only in their homes.  This attracts an additional fee to cover transport costs.

Rates are £40 per hour. The first session however costs £45 as involves  a diagnosis as well as a an hour of massage.